Iced Mint Mojito
Copycat of the famous Philz Coffee.
Mint Tea
Moroccan style mint tea.
Watermelon Mint Iced Tea Chiller
A refreshing sweet tea for those warm summer nights.
Masala Chai (Doodh Patti)
Tea steeped in milk infused with warm soothing spices.
A South Asian popular street drink made using a rose simple syrup.
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Natural Rose Syrup (Rooh Afza)
Clarified Butter (Ghee)
A staple healthy fat used in South Asian cooking.
Cranberry Chutney
A take on the traditional cranberry sauce turned chutney.
Fig Jam
A delicious quick fig jam with no pectin and great to use as a spread with cheese, over toast or as a topping for ice cream.
Garlic, Ginger & Turmeric Paste
The starting staple to any South Asian dish that fills your dish with beautiful flavor notes and health benefits.
Avocado Cilantro Chutney
A spin on the classic Hari Chutney to give you the perfect condiment side to your kebabs and samosas!
Tamarind & Date Chutney
A tart tropical fruit sweetened and cooked down to make a delicious chutney accompaniment.
Chicken Salad Sandwich Dip
A chicken spread used for sandwiches.
Creamy Parsley Pesto
A delicious Italian inspired condiment.
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Easy 10 Minute Dough
A versatile dough used for many recipes.
Spiced Bechamel Chicken Bread
A bread filled with shredded chicken in a white sauce, spiced in South Asian flavors.
Banana Bread
Deliciously sweet and moist banana bread.
Roti/Chappati Flatbread
Flatbreads made South Asian style using wheat flour.
Homemade Naan
A homemade way of making the tradtional Naan without a Tandoor.
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