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Family. Love. Spice. 

 Hey I'm Zakiya, a spice enthusiast, recipe developer, food stylist and lover of all things food. I'm best known for my East meets West fusions, where mixing my Pakistani heritage with my birth and upbringing in the States gives a fusion of what would normally not be paired. Always being passionate about art may have helped with this new found medium of food, post becoming a mother to 3 wonderful boys, and has truly given me an outlet to continue creating.


There’s people and stories and heritage hidden behind food. There’s greater meaning and understanding of people when you look at the history behind dishes and how they came about. Being that Fusion Foods was the driving force behind my cuisine, it seemed fitting to highlight my Eastern South Asian heritage to my birth and upbringing in the States with its Western flare. Samosa Pot Pie, Chicken 65 Pizza, Kashmiri Chai Cheesecake, Gulab Jamun Cheesecake and Ras Malai Cake are just a few names of my fusions and were truly inspired by the classics. 


Growing up different is what inspired and continues to inspire me. Learning the infusions of flavors, watching my mother cook, learning the roots of a dish is what keeps my creative mind going and wanting to continue learning and creating more. I've learned it’s OK to be different and I'm  paving my own way through life and well, blending my own unique spice!


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