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How To Wrap Samosas & Egg Rolls

The stress that comes with making Samosas and Egg Rolls is the wrapping. With Ramadan around the corner I wanted to give a dedicated post on how to wrap the most popular snack item of the season.

So here’s two ways to wrap the traditional South Asian staple that's at everyone’s Iftar table during Ramadan!

The popular triangle snack can look intimidating, especially when watching pro aunties whip out a 100 a minute but here’s my step by step guide with photos on how to get that perfect signature triangle shape!

How To Wrap A Samosa:

Step 1: Cut your Spring Roll Pastry into 3 equal strips. Remove two strips at a time and fold over one edge to form a triangle.

Step 2: Fold your triangle flap up towards the center to make a cone shaped pocket.

Step 3: Pull open the pocket you just made, holding the top tip of the fold, to keep its cone shape.

Step 4: Fill the pocket with a tsp of your choice of filling.

Step 5: Fold your triangle filled samosa over tightly like you would a paper football.

Step 6: Secure it with a flour and water slurry to get your perfect triangle shaped samosa.

A bit overwhelmed? Don’t sweat it! Here’s an egg roll shape, which tastes the same and is actually more kid friendly with no sharp edges and easy to grip for those tiny little hands.

Egg rolls are wrapping mini burritos and you can get your kids involved too!

How To Wrap An Egg Roll:

Step 1: Peel a Spring Roll Pastry sheet and set it as a diamond.

Step 2: Place a heaping tablespoon of your filling horizontally above the bottom corner.

Step 3: Fold the bottom corner over the filling and pull back to secure filling into pastry.

Step 4: Roll the filled pocket up to the middle of the pastry, aligning with the left and right corners.

Step 5: Fold over one of the side corners to the middle.

Step 6: Followed by the other corner like a burrito.

Step 7: Roll the egg roll up towards the top corner.

Step 8: Secure to seal you egg roll with a flour and water slurry.

The fillings are endless! Got some left over meat or veggies?! Stuff them into samosa and egg roll pastries and watch everyone devour them. Something about finger foods and bite size is just so appealing!

I share how to make, freeze and cook the full Samosa pastries two ways on the blog. Here’s my signature Beef (Keema) Samosa recipe and you can find my vegetarian Potato and Pea filling here.

And of course you can't have samosas without chutney, right?! Here's my Tamarind & Date Chutney and Cilantro Avocado Chutney!

I hope you give them a try, and if you do be sure to tag @BlendOfSpice so I can see how you recreate my dishes!

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