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DIY Ramadan Shaker Card

So shaker cards have been all the craze lately. It's where there is confetti in your card with cute cutouts for the confetti to peak through or just an added metallic pop of color to give it the next level of festivity.

Here's how I made my Ramadan Shaker Card for the holidays!

You want to start with your choice of confetti. You can buy any kind you like or punch holes in any kind of paper to get little colorful gems.

At any office supplies store you can buy clear paper protectors which are used for reports and documents. I just cut to my desired size (I cut to a standard 5x7). Add in a piece of white or colored paper of your choice, along with your confetti and tape or glue it shut.

Next cut a smaller sized metallic paper (I used 4x6), and print or write your desired script on it. Place it in the center of the confetti card.

Now place your whole Shaker Card in a 5x7 (or your size) acrylic clear frame to hold it in place. Use chalk marker to write or change time, date and countdowns.

Clip it to a clipboard or add a magnet and place on your fridge. Display and enjoy your Ramadan Shaker Card!

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