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Fig Jam

It's fig season and one of my favorite fruits! I love preserving seasonal fruits to their longest potential, especially figs because they only come in season for so long but also because they go bad so quick. A childhood favorite was when my mom would make a quick fig jam and I would sit with my dad or grandpa and enjoy a crispy piece of toast, smeared with the deliciously tart jam along side fresh homemade Malai (cream). It was the greatest thing and made me feel so comforted. Then my grandpa or dad would sneak me some of their tea to wash it all down. Ahh, childhood, oh the memories!!! This fig jam is quite simple and only has a few ingredients: 1 Cup Figs (halved or quartered) 1 Lime Juiced (add zest if you want more tart) 1/4 cup Maple Syrup (or sweetener of choice)

Throw it all into a saucepan and let it come to a boil.

Give it a good mix and then mash using a fork. I like my jam with a few chunks so I don't mash to completely lose the fruit, but you can mash to the texture you like. You want to let it simmer just until its thick. Remember it will continue to thicken as it sets so you want it to be spreadable.

Let it cool completely then store in an airtight glass jar and store in fridge for up to 2 weeks. You can also can and seal it, which will last longer but this amount wont make more than 8oz.

Serve it over toast, or as a side to accompany a cheese plate, or even top it over some ice cream. Any way you choose, its sure to be a favorite in your home too!

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