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Chocolate Gol Gappay Shooters

Gol Gappay are a South Asian snack street food. Probably one of the most popular appetizer, tapas type dishes eaten. Gol gappay start with puris, mini crispy fried bread. Then filled with a filling of chickpeas and potatoes. Finally drizzled with sweet yogurt and chutneys or dipped in a spicy broth. A flavorful, mouthwatering bite of savory goodness. But why not turn savory into a sweet bite? I mean come on, it was only a matter of time I added an East meets West fusion to one of my fav desi snacks. And that's when Chocolate Gol Gappay Shooters came about. A pretty straight forward dessert that will knock the socks off your friends and family, when made! Ingredients you'll need: Puris (found at any Indian/Pakistani store) Chocolate Melts or Chips Strawberries Chocolate Mousse Whipped Cream Optional Toppings: Shredded Coconut Hazelnuts Click the slideshow below to learn how to make this delicious goodness.

And there you have it, a delicious East meets West fusion of good ol' Gol Gappay.

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