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Ramadan Countdown Ring

My kids love the holidays and look forward to it every year. But with them being young and not fully grasping the concept of the days of Ramadan, I enjoy making them a visual. In my case, it's the countdown for all of Ramadan until the day of Eid. I have been making them ever since I became a mom. It gets the kids so excited and helps them keep track on what day of fast we are on.  Read more about my last years Countdown Calendar here.  This year though, instead of my usual poster board full of bags or envelopes, I came up with something I think I'll continue for the years to come. It's so much more sturdy and I know I could reuse the ring for years!  So here's how to make your very own Ramadan Countdown Ring!  *Just click on the picture slides to help you navigate your way!*

And there you have it, a beautiful countdown ring ready for your Ramadan days ahead. Just hang it using a thumb tac and it's ready for the holidays! 

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