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Pot Roast Brioche Roll

These days with a busy schedule, it seems I gear towards meals that give me left overs for the next day. Whether it be steak for a breakfast burrito, chicken to add to a salad post workout or turning leftover veggies into a casserole. One of my favorite quick leftover meals is sandwiches. Lucky for me, my husband and my boys love a good sandwich as well. Plus they're great on the go and for school lunches! So here's my Pot Roast Sandwich from yesterday's left overs. (Get the recipe for the Pot Roast here)

You want to start by shredding your cooked roast.

Then add your shredded beef to a pan along with some of the liquid you had left over, (this helps re-moisten the meat). Along with the meat and liquid, you will also want to add some of your favorite steak sauce (I'm using a local brand). Mix the meat mixture and let it thicken slightly, and heat through. Then sprinkle on your favorite cheese. I like using freshly grated Swiss cheese for this sandwich. But any kind/amount will do. :)

I like to keep the sandwich ingredients pretty simple. I don't like to over power the flavorful meat. Remember the bun and toppings should enhance the meat flavor, especially if it's a good quality piece of meat. Don't overkill the meat with your shelf full of condiments.
My sons favorite bun/rolls are Euro Brioche Rolls, so that's what we're using. I just spread them lightly with mayonnaise and toast them slightly. Then just add some lettuce and your cheesy meat mixture you just made.

And there you have it, a deliciouly juicy Pot Roast Sandwich! Serve it with a side of fries or a flavorful Greek salad and you've got dinner ready in an instant!


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