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Homemade Mango Ice Cream

I wanted to make the most of my mangoes with mango season coming to an end. Aside from making mango lassi I absolutely LOVE mango ice cream. My amazing sister in law gifted me the best thing you could possibly own in Florida, an ice cream maker!!!

I've been addicted the minute I received this generous gift. I'm actually not an ice cream fan (I know, your probably like what?!), but it’s because to find really good non-artificial fruit flavors that are lactose free or made with raw milk is really tough.

So here's a quick and easy custard base mango ice cream. I will be using my Cuisinart Model: ICE-21R ice cream maker but you can use any ice cream maker. Just be sure to follow your machine instructions about freezing the base and how long you need to churn it for.

I start by pureeing 6 mangos with the juice of 1 lime in a blender, then set it aside. Next I make a custard base. I warm and bring heavy cream, milk, saffron, cardamom, maple syrup and agave (or sweetener of choice) in a sauce pan to a simmer (making sure not to boil). In a separate bowl I whisk 6 egg yolks really well. Then I temper the eggs (slowly bringing the temperature of the eggs up without scrambling them). I add a little (about a 1/4 cup) of the simmering milk mixture at a time while whisking until the eggs are incorporated well and hot enough to add back to the sauce pan.

Heat the egg and milk mixture until it thickens (stirring continuously). DO NOT LET IT COME TO A BOIL OR IT WILL CURDLE.

Once its thickened, flash the custard in an ice bath by placing the hot saucepan in a bowl of ice and water to stop the cooking. Now strain it (optional) and chill it in the refrigerator until completely cool, covering with plastic wrap.

Once completely cooled, add your mango and lime puree and give it a taste to check for sweetness...or use taste testers like me!

Now just pour it into you ice cream machine and churn it according to your machine. Mine takes about 20 minutes and at the last minute I toss in a handful of chopped pistachios and reserve some for garnish.

This recipe makes about 3 pints. I love storing them in small 1 pint containers or individual servings for my little ones.

Peel, chop, puree and freeze your mango for the winter or make the most of the last seasonal mangos by making this delicious custard based ice cream. Recipe Printable!

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