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Ramadan busy crafts & treats for kids!

I love preplanned crafts that the kids can do on their own with little to no help. And I love them even more when I'm busy with so many things during Ramadan.

Here are two great crafts your kids will enjoy making and using throughout the blessed month.

The night before Ramadan begins, we make Ramadan telescopes to spot the Ramadan moon. It’s great seeing how excited the kids get when they really spot the moon. Throughout the month we will go out and see how big or small the moon has become and talk about the different phases of the moon.

All you need is a toilet paper roll, colorful duct tape, foam stickers, and any other things you would like to decorate with. You can make a single small telescope, a long one or even a pair of binoculars. The possibilities are endless, especially if you have outer space loving boys like me!

Another great craft is creating your own Tasbeeh (prayer beads). This is something great for fine motor skills, counting, learning colors and also great so your pretty prayer beads aren’t broken when the kids want to read along with you.

I like to help count out 33 beads into a resealable bag with my kids so they can take their craft on the go or work on it on their down time when mama is busy. Pipe cleaners I feel work great for young kids because they are sturdy enough to pull beads through. Yarn or thread always seems to pull apart and kids have a hard time getting the string through the bead hole. Once they have added their beads just help them close off the prayer beads to make a circle, and they are ready to use their very own prayer bead Tasbeeh.

Busy bags/ treat bags are also great!

My kids love little treats bags and love giving them out to their friends even more. Every year we like to make a little “busy bag” for my kids friends. This year, since we are in the summer heat of Florida we decided to give things that could be used outdoors. I got some cute party bags and filled them with a straw to stay hydrated, some crayons/ coloring book, bubbles, a bouncy ball and some lollipops. It’s simple, but something our little friends can enjoy and entertain themselves with while mom and dad are busy.

With the last 10 days of Ramadan, these are some great ways to keep your kids busy and entertained while you give time to yourself for your supplications and prayers. Whether it be something they can do during the day, on the go or for your next iftaar, set these crafts up in the corner the night before so the kids can help themselves to some busy bags and crafts. :)

Do you have a great busy craft to entertain young kids or to use at your next kids party? Share your ideas to be featured on the blog!

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