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Ramadan Coundown Calendar

At the end of the 30 days of Ramadan its Eid, our religious holiday to celebrate the hard work and dedication of fasting and prayer. Little kids don’t always understand the concept of time and days so why not do a countdown?

This is something my kids LOVE that I do, a Countdown Calendar. This helps them understand how many days have passed and how many days are left before Eid.

I use a big poster board and mini paper gift bags from my local craft store. I cut the handles off the bags, use double sided foam tape, and add 30 bags for the 30 days of Ramadan. Use a permanent marker to write the numbers and you can decorate with sticker stars if you would like. Pop it up on a wall with thumbtacks and your set! Now you fill them with whatever you like. I filled them with chocolate covered dates, mini cookies, their favorite candy, crayons, little race cars and other little nic nacs that my kids love.

This year I also added a little note card to each one asking them to do a good deed or something silly before recieving their treat of the day. Anything from tell me the first step to wudu (washing before prayer), how many beads are on a tasbeeh to hopping on one foot or counting to 10 in arabic.

With some paper lanterns on the side you’re ready to countdown and enjoy some treats with your kids. :)

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