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Accordion Banner

Here's a cute little DIY on how to make an Accordion Banner. Accordions are musical chords on an Accordion instrument. They are a piano key board and have a fanned out chord to help compress and expand to make sound. If you're as old as me, its what Steve Urkel used to play in the show "Family Matters" for his love Laura.

Random, I know!!!! But this is why the fanned out banner is called an Accordion Banner. ;)

So lets get started!!!

I started with two 6x6 square scrap book papers. You can use any size you would like and any print. I made about 1inch folds to make a fan. Then I glued them together length wise to make one long fan using mod podge. Any glue will work as long as it dries clear. :)

Now fold it in half and glue the ends to make an oriental fan.

Now glue the edges together to make a big fanned circle.

I bought letter stickers and precut scrapbook circles from my local craft store. Just stick a letter on each circle and add a double sided foam tape on the back of each circle.

Take the tape off the back and stick the letter onto the center of each fanned circle.

Now we are ready to hang it up! I just used some string and mini clothes pins. You can always hole punch and string the accordion shapes through but this just seemed easier. You can cover the ends of the string where you have taped with a flower or as I did with a fan shaped colored tissue paper.

And your banner is ready!

Hope this helps you make an Accordion Banner for your next celebration...comment below and let me know what you think! :)

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