Kebabs & Pastry
Shami Kebab
Shami Kebabs are an Indian and Bangladeshi snack or appetizer made with ground up meat and lentils.
Keema (Beef) Samosa
Samosas are a fried, savory, meat pie in South Asia.
Persian Koobideh Kabobs
Persian style kabob traditionally spiced and grilled in a hot coal oven.
Pumpkin Kibbeh (Bulgur Wheat Kabob)
Mediterranean flavored ground meat, cracked Bulgar wheat, and aromatic spiced kabob.
Mantu (Afghan Dumplings)
A savory spiced Afghan dumpling in a yogurt sauce topped with lentils.
Chapli Kabob
Chapli Kabob, also known as Peshawari Kabob is a minced meat patty, flavored with aromatic spices and veggies to give you a delicous, power packed kabob.
Puff Pastry Patties
A flakey, buttery pastry stuffed with ground meat, chicken or potatoes. A side dish popular with your array of chai snacks.
Instant Pot Chicken Shami Kebab
A lighter, more kid friendly chicken shami kebab using the Instant Pot.
Brisket Samosas
Slow roasted brisket adding to springroll wrappers to make brisket samosas.
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Curries, Pasta & Rice
Khousay (Co-Say)
A Pakistani twist of the famous Burmese dish Khao-suey. Spaghetti topped with a delicious coconut broth with a spiced chicken curry.
Memon Green Coconut Curry (Kadhi)
A thick chickpea based gravy with vegetable fritters or chicken, and yogurt is added to give a creamy acidic taste.
Chicken Tikka Masala
Spiced tomato gravy with cream and chicken.
Savory Spiced Chicken Oatmeal
A quick, instant, gluten free way of making the popular South Asian dish Haleem.
Quick Chili
A delicious one pot quick chili to help get dinner on the table on a busy weeknight.
NY Style Halal Cart
Herbed ground chicken accompanied with a side of saffron infused rice, served Halal Guys Style like on 53rd and 6th in NYC.
Stuffed Zucchini Courgettes
Stuffed with spiced meat and cooked slowly in a flavorful tomato broth.
Beef Fried Rice
A delicious medley of stir fry veggies and grilled ribeye steak tossed with rice to make a flavorful Asian Fried Rice.
Chicken 65 Pizza
My sons love of chicken 65 and pizza combined into one!
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Roasts, Casseroles & Chicken
Maple Glazed Chicken Rolls
Filets of chicken breast stuffed with julienne veggies, rolled and pan grilled in a maple glazed, sticky, sweet sauce.
Chicken Parmesan Casserole
A take on the classic chicken parmesan turned into a casserole.
Slow Cooker Pot Roast
An easy, flavorful pot roast cooked in a slow cooker for a busy weeknight meal.
Pot Roast Brioche Rolls
Leftover pot roast turned into sandwich rolls.
Chicken Shawarma Casserole
Famous Mediterranean classic turned into a quick one dish casserole.
Frozen Roasted Chicken
Busy weeknight? No worries, try out this delicious whole chicken without having to defrost!
Zinger Burger CopyCat
My take on the KFC classice Zinger Burger
Buddha Bowls Indian Style
Deliciously portioned bowls with a South Asian twist.
Chicken Nuggets
A childhood favorite with some healthy baking options along with freezer tips on how to make these a freezer friendly item!
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