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NYC Style Halal Cart

Who doesn't know/love NYC's famous Halal Guys Cart on 53rd and 6th. It's become a staple for when you visit NYC and has spread into other cities. Unfortunately, I no longer live close enough to grab a platter of the famous cart, but it really isn't hard to make at home.

The balancing comfort of rice to meat ratio, along with nice crisp lettuce and a side of pita bread. It's the whole package! Oh, and let's not forget the delicious garlicky white sauce that goes with it. This at home version is my favorite and doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m eating too greasy of food and go into complete food coma.

So here's my take on the oh so famous Chicken & Rice Platter.


1 lb Ground Chicken

1 tsp Curry Powder

1 tsp Shawarma Spice (7 Spice, get recipe here)

3 to 4 Garlic Cloves (crushed)

Squeeze of fresh Lemon

1 tsp Siracha Sauce

1/2 tsp Chili Garlic Sauce

Salt/pepper to taste

Handful finely chopped mint or 1/2 tsp dry

1 tbsp Coconut Oil

-Mix all ingredients in a bowl and let marinate for at least 30 mins.

-Cook on high heat until chicken is cooked through and all juices evaporate.


1 cup Rice (pre soaked)

2 cups Chicken Stock or Water

1/4 Onion (chopped)

Salt/pepper to taste

1 tbsp butter

Pinch of Saffron threads soaked in tbsp water

1/2 tsp Turmeric

-Sauté onions until translucent in butter.

-Now add the rest of the ingredients and cook rice accordingly.

White Sauce:

1/4 cup Mayo

1 clove Garlic (grated)

1/2 tsp Dry Dill

Salt/pepper (to taste)

1 tbsp Vinegar

Pinch of Sugar

Squeeze of Lemon

-Whisk together all ingredients in a bowl or shake in a mason jar.

-Check consistency, add milk if too thick and taste for seasonings.

-Let sit for an hr so ingredients can develop flavor.


Serve plating the cooked Rice first, topped with the Chicken. Followed by a drizzle of the White Sauce and a drizzle of your favorite Harissa sauce or Siracha. Accompany it street style with a side of pita/naan, some shredded lettuce and simply enjoy! :)

A scrumptiously comforting meal, you're sure to enjoy!

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